Million rich white stretch neck and sing sing
Came to Inner Mongolia Xingan Meng Keyouqianqi Bada is still in your office check white goose breeding base, you will be immediately attracted by the sight, and at the foot of Castle Peak, only a white pearls falling on the river, grass, they now play in the water, sometimes happy wings flying, see the long bamboo master Wang Xiuyun it is quack cries constantly, before looking at the flocks of geese Wang Xiuyun face, the smile be overcome by one's feelings.
  來到她的基地,你很快又會被院內兩棟標準化鵝舍所吸引,鵝舍每棟長50米,占地3000多平方米,兩棟標準化鵝舍規模化養殖數量能達到30000多只,據王秀云介紹,草原白鵝養殖基地建立于2004年,占地10000多平方米,總投資20多萬元。 提起白鵝養殖,王秀云立即滔滔不絕起來。
Came to her base, you will soon be in hospital two standardized goose house attracted, goose house every 50 meters long, covers an area of 3000 square meters, two standardization scale breeding goose house number can reach more than 30000, according to Wang Xiuyun, the prairie white goose breeding base was established in 2004, covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, a total investment of about 200000 yuan. Mention white goose breeding, Wang Xiuyun immediately off the reel.
Wang Xiuyun is the county second light retired workers, despite her more than 50 years of age, but her bones that worked just like young people, she relies on laborious both hands, brains, rooted in the Bada is expensive and hard to check, grazing geese, enthusiastic guide villagers raises goose to become rich, become popular dear white goose breeding base for the.
Bada is still in your office is located in upper reaches of Taoer River, here the lush, be richly endowed by nature with goose natural advantage, 2004, in the former county women's Federation President day chrysanthemum chairman support energetically and support, she chose a hill, water, grass Bada still in your office and breeding goose village. Arguably, they married more than 2000 yuan per month pension is enough to make them financially secure, their only daughter after graduating from university in Beijing have marry and settle down, they are also in Beijing to purchase about 400000 yuan to buy buildings, buildings, her husband has been in Beijing, but she could not enjoy the life in a big city, and with her saying; "life in Beijing, I was covered in uncomfortable, to the countryside to do aquaculture, immediately to the spirit, see flocks of geese, the heart of happiness will forget about it."
Wang Xiuyun Goose Road is not everything is going smoothly., her husband and daughter son-in-law fought against her to rural development aquaculture, on her choose not to understand, why not enjoy the life in the big city, countryside to suffer? She has a kind of emulative strong, were not daunted by difficulties, always want to own something, she believes that hard work can have the harvest, so one person came to the Bada is still expensive, she started from chicken, gradually accumulate relevant breeding technology, and the purchase of the subscription of numerous scientific books and magazines, at their own expense to go out to visit, after constant learning and exploration, she mastered a set of scientific breeding goose technology. The office of Party committee in 2009 in the village as a base office goose industrialization an important project, investment 20000 multivariate in goose set a fence around the base, built permanent goose base plaque, Wang Xiuyun in the original basis, taken with Qinhuangdao goose base joint venture business, starting from May Qinhuangdao introduced a two batch of a total of more than 10000 only young. With the base for the Wang Xiuyun years of breeding experience, raise management and epidemic prevention work to do, the survival rate of more than 95% young, a month is the key period of management, epidemic prevention, temperature, humidity and density determines the survival rate, this time need to add some food and feed. A month later, goose will gradually get used to external environment, can artificial meadow stocking, stocking, white goose basically do not need to feed. Goose house only needs one time investment, remove the prevention, management and feed cost 10 yuan per cost, remove the cost per by net income of 15 yuan, more than 10000 Wang Xiuyun goose would give her increase 150000 yuan income. At present, more than 10000 of young growing well, will give column.
Goose feed supply is the key, in order to ensure a sufficient supply of feed, she in Chaersen reservoir by planting more than 30 acres of soybeans and corn, after her carefully taking care, now has a bumper harvest in sight. She planted more than 10000 trees of economic forest survival rate can reach more than 90%. Built a production, sales integration, with goose processing enterprises is her lofty ideals, she actively drives circumjacent farmer raises goose, free of charge for women with goose breeding technology and disease prevention knowledge, as they provide contact Echu, and personally delivered to women in the home, in office since 2006, the women's Federation under the coordination, check in with Wang Xiuyun as responsibility for one's geese group played a self-help, mutual aid, help seeking, common development advantages, in her support, more than 20 households have become goose large family. Her breeding career attracted around attracted farmers, have visited, with science and technology, purchase, order - - - - - -, each to a customer, Wang Xiuyun was warmly received, she has an ideal, is to continue to expand the scale of farming, go" base + farmer " development way, as Bada still your white goose breeding dedication heat!

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